The Road We Travel

road 2I posted a few days ago on Facebook, looking for water kefir grains, and, voilà, my call was answered. Today, I arrived home with a small jar of my prized grains. I drove across the city to get them, and in the process of driving, I unexpectedly gathered several insights:

I prefer to travel by the know-to-me roads. But, alas, something or somebody is not aligned with my expectations. Something is changing the course of my travel. The city is full of detours, roads under construction, protruding manholes, barricades, the traffic signs pointing me in directions I do not want to go.

At the moment of realization that I am not able to follow my route, the parallels started downing on me about my life journey. As the roads with the bumps and  the humps need care and repair, so may certain situations in my life.

When I encounter detours in my life, what is my best course of action? Allowing and accepting what is? Going with the flow of the presented ways, with what feels like the best available option? Today, when I drove home with my water kefir grains I accepted the new-to-me way of returning home not only without a grudge but also with wonderment: where would this lead me?

Still, I could not help but ask, how do I speed up this unexpected detour so I’ll be home on time? More questions and revelations occurred.

Why do I think I need to be on time? What happens if I am not on time? What is time, anyway? Am I driven by my perception of it? Why don’t I choose a more leisurely view of my journey? Do I trust the unwinding of the circumstances, or do I have a need to be in control? Do I trust my higher-self directing me? Do I trust that all is happening for my highest good? Phew…

Okay, I told myself, just take the offered detour. Do not think so much. Be in the flow of the developing situation. Enjoy unexpected vistas, new revelations, unexpected results, new paths continuing to unwind. See other possibilities, new or unknown, that will become known.

Today, I was being acquainted with the energy of change through taking a new path to the same destination. The human ego likes the same old, and is uncomfortable with change involving unknown. It does not trust. It wants to know all details. Meanwhile, soul wants us to feel confident in the detours of life that can come when we least expect them. It requires faith in the process of realizing that change is evolution. 

And when we trust and are open to receiving, Spirit, from all existing possibilities, presents us with the most appropriate choices.

Namaste and be well!

Helena Kalivoda, an award-winning author, writes books that are inspired by her soul. Find more about Helena and her books at or any main book-selling websites.

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