Are You Responsible?

Hela picFirstly and lastly, are you responsible? Are you? Yesterday, today, tomorrow, your responsibility is to be responsible to yourself.

It is desirable not only to be responsible, but also to be in the flow – being in the flow with your own being, as otherwise, you do not see yourself as you are.

When you do not see yourself as you are, then you frequently see yourself through the eyes of those who are not you. Through others you cannot view yourself. Through others you only see their point of view.

Yesterday, today, tomorrow, your responsibility is to be yourself, as you are responsible only to yourself, not to others. If you truly understand that then you are released from deriving your approval and satisfaction through your friends, families, through others.

You do not need to comply with their vision of you. You do not need to confirm you through the way they view you, as they view you through the eyes of their own interpretation of not only their own reality but also their interpretation of your reality, and you, as well.

Responsibility is not about a place in society.
Responsibility is about a relationship
with yourself, with you.
If you are responsible to you
then you know who you are.

When you are responsible to yourself
it is when you say, I will do this my way
and I will achieve the results.
Then you know what needs to be done.
Otherwise, “they” will be talking about a plan
on how to achieve the results
you are expected to provide.

You are responsible for happenings around you.
You are responsible for appreciation given to you.
And, as you appreciate yourself first,
then others appreciate you next.

Accountable, responsible.
Those words mean accountable and responsible
to yourself, not to others.
Be accountable and responsible to yourself
and then automatically the rest
is covered.

It is not the other way around.
First is you, then the rest
will fall into place.

The above verses are from: CREATION, Accessing Your Untapped Potential

Namaste. That is all for now.

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  1. I am always surprised when I hear how people see me LOLs
    I think for as long as I have memories I have danced to music
    no one hears….and I learned at a very age to fess up to whatever
    get it over and be done..let it go..makes life much simpler …
    my late father-in-law told me as long as you never intentionally hurt someone
    then there is always open gates of pearl to step through as you take your last breath and step within the mist (paraphrasing)
    I can say I have never hated or use the word, and though I say opinion Goddess gently reminds me it is not my place to judge…I am open to everyone’s truth for it is theirs, yet I have my own…
    I like my simple life….
    Good post …..Thank you for sharing!
    Take Care…

  2. This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your lived by you wisdom. Helena

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