Today, You Are an Individualized Part of Consciousness

clouds 961fac2d-de40-4e25-9d11-da70ea13d4f0Today, yesterday, all is one. Today, tomorrow, all is one. They say there is no time. When living here, on Earth, we experience time by being in the now. “Now” is the time you can comprehend. “Now” is the time that you live in.

You live in the present moment. Every present moment that is not lived fully is forsaken. But what does it mean, living fully? It is neither something that needs to feel vigilant, nor it is something that is laborious. That is not the way. The way of the present is living at your fullest, enjoying what you do, and what and where you are.

Enjoyment and happiness is driven by your conscious choice, it does not just happen by itself. Choose joy and happiness, as if you are not happy, the life of yours is certainly not a happy affair.

Today is the day when your values can be up or down. Today is the day when you can devaluate yourself or not. Today is the day when you may not see or you may see yourself as valuable.

Today is the day to see yourself as you are, with all that which is uniquely you. And – you are great. You are beautiful. You are precious.

You are a beautiful, precious soul on the way of reconnecting with your maker. You are a soul that is precious and is undergoing an evolutionary movement toward its progressive reconnection with her God and Goddess.

You always are a beautiful, precious part of God herself – a part of consciousness that desires to be united with ALL THAT THERE IS.

Namaste and be well.

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